Here is a growing list of links to War Films on You Tube

  • GD Houston – Hundreds of documentaries – mainly WWII but others as well
  • UnlimitedQ – Mainly the ancient world and Napoleon
  • M10542 – Mainly WWII and post war – lots on equipment and weapons development
  • ssg127 – Scott works for WOSU Columbus and is posting a lot of war stories from WOSU viewers. These are very personal and add a new dimension of reality to the traditional documentary that we see. This series is being made in support of the upcoming Ken Burns Documentary – The War – that will air in September
  • KETC9 – Is the PBS station in St Louis that is also making over 50 short films about St Louisans and the War plus adding home made video made by family members. The Living St Louis war stories are little gems
  • henryvkeiper – Mainly posts full movies such as Dambusters, Battle of Britain, A Bridge Too Far etc
  • kingtiger – Mainly post on WWII from a German perspective – great material here on Uboats, the Bismark, Tirpitz, the SS etc

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